Our Process

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Day Care / Pet Minding

¥1,080 (Up to 8 hours)
Available from 10am - 6pm.
No time limit during open hours. Not available after hours.
Dogs are not kept in cages and are free to interact with other dogs.
We can play all day together at the salon.
Sometimes busy, sometimes quiet.
It's time to go for a walk - it feels like an adventure!
Ari gives us a safe place to play during the day.

Overnight Hotel

¥5,400 / Night
Checkout: 6pm the following day. Late checkouts can be arranged for ¥540 per half-hour after 6pm, but we prefer you to pick up your pet before 6pm.

Please note we can accept only small dogs/breeds less than 10 years old. Please contact us for availability.

We will need:
- Proof of annual vaccination
- Identification

Please bring:
- Usual dog food in individual meal packs
- Usual snacks or treats
- Lead/Harness
- "Belt" for male dogs

Pets will be kept by staff at their home. We do not have cages and your pet will have 24-hour supervision, so your dog will never be lonely.
We have your dog's best interest and welfare in mind. The service is only available for dogs who are familiar/regular customers so the pet knows and is at ease with the staff.
We update our blog regularly so you will be able to check up on your dog at any time while you are away.

Dinner time at home.
We like to relax with our guests.
We have a big park, which is great for exercise.